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Explosion at a cement factory in Tokyo.

explosion tokyo cement


On Monday night, Japanese authorities reported an explosion at a cement factory owned by Taiheiyo Cement Corp. located in Hidaka, Saitama Prefecture, near Tokyo. The explosion ignited a car located 50 metres away from the site of the explosion.

Initial investigations revealed that the explosion might have been caused by an off-grid power system. At the time of the explosion around 20 workers were at the factory, but luckily no casualties or injuries have been reported so far.

Firefighters quickly responded to a 10pm call about an explosion at the cement factory, and a car on flames. Upon arrival the firefighters found a forest near the factory caught fire, but was extinguished swiftly. Witnesses reported that the blast was heard from 2 kilometres away. One woman said,

My daughter was on her way home from a cram school and was surprised to see something that looked like snowflakes falling.

Woman that heard the blast.

Another resident from neighbouring Sakado city described thick black smoke coming from the factory soon after the explosion. His car that was parked in the adjacent parking lot of a pachinko parlor was filled with ash, but other cars had broken windshields.

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