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Israel is developing an AI ‘super brain’ for future military warfare.

athena israel

Image Credit: The Telegraph

Israel is developing an artificial intelligence super brain that uses multiple sensors to help battle tanks and robots patrol battlefields and acquire enemy targets fast.

The AI super brain known as Athena, will bring new changes in future military warfare, but critics have multiple times warned against the use of such systems. Athena is still in its early stages of development at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), and it is expected to be deployed in the next decade.

The AI will be able to help tanks and other military equipment to identify and locate targets swiftly, and the data gathered is sent to the commander in a battle menu format, where he/she decides on the best way of execution.

Israeli state defense firm IAI is considering installing Athena on robotic vehicles mostly for patrolling border fences to prevent intruders, but Athena’s possibilities will eventually be used to make the whole Israeli army more efficient by acquiring huge advantages on the battlefield and connecting the weapons such as tank’s fire control to Athena so as to be autonomous.

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