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Explosion kills at least 65 people in Kabul.

Image Credit: Rahmat Gul/AP—The Associated Press

On Saturday afternoon, Afghanistan’s authorities reported an explosion in near a high school for girls in Kabul. The explosion occurred close to Sayeed-ul-Shuhada School in the Dasht-e-Barchi area killing 68 people and injuring 165 others. Casualties are expected to increase.

On the scene of the explosion bloodied backpacks and books were lying across the area outside the school. Parents were seen in the Kabul’s hospitals to for their missing children.

Authorities have yet to determine who was behind this explosion. The Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mojahid denied any involvement in the explosion and blamed the attack on Islamic State (ISIS). Recently Afghanistan has been suffering from a number of explosions even though a peace process between the Taliban and the Afghani government is in progress and the US military forces are withdrawing after twenty years in the country. Regardless of the Taliban denying any involvement, the Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani, blamed the blast on them.

ISIS have been carrying out frequent assassinations and bombings in Kabul and the city of Jalalabad despite losing nearly all of its territory it once controlled.

On Twitter the European Union expressed its anger over the attack.

Targeting primarily students in a girls’ school, makes this an attack on the future of Afghanistan. On young people determined to improve their country.

EU on Twitter.

More details to follow.


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