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Rockets fired into Southern Israel.

Image Credit: Screenshot from a Twitter video uploaded by Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian.

On Sunday night, rocket sirens blared in the city of Ashkelon in Southern Israel as rockets headed to the city from the Gaza strip. The Iron Dome missile system is believed to have intercepted one of the two rockets.

The attacks is believed to have come shortly after they took the decision to close the Palestinian enclave’s fishing zone due to repeated attacks on Israel using rockets and arson balloons. The attacks also come at a time of heightened tensions between Israel and Palestine after the clashes in Jerusal and the West Bank. Om Saturday night in Jerusalem, at least 90 Palestinians were believed to have been injured, as Israeli police clashed with protesters outside Jerusalem’s Old City during what is considered the holiest night of Ramadan.

Due to a number of arson balloons fired on Sunday morning, Southern Israel suffered around 20 fires which were substantially exercerbated by the current heatwave. Israel responded by launching an airstrike targeting a Hamas outpost.

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