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G7 are urging WHO to launch a new phase 2 probe into the origins of COVID-19.

Image Credit: skynews

The G7, which are currently in the United Kingdom discussing important matters regarding various subjects affecting us right now. The subjects ranged from discussing a way to create a united front against China aggression to creating more economic stimulus, proposed by US President Joe Biden, but what was more controversial was when the G7 proposed that WHO should launch a new probe into the origins of COVID-19, that started in Wuhan, China. Countries need to know if the pandemic occurred due to negligence of Chinese scientists and the government.

Originally, the origins of COVID-19 was suggested to be due to a transfer of the virus from bats to humans by WHO. This theory was put into question when a few months ago, US intelligence uncovered a document revealing that the Wuhan virology institute had 3 scientists sick with COVID-19 symptoms back in November 2019. Since the documents have been revealed more countries are pushing to determine whether the lab leak theory is actually the truth, which now seems to be more possible than ever.

More details to follow.

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