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United Arab Emirates expels Italian Air Force.

Image Credit: Prime Time Zone

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) informed the Italian Air Force to leave their country by July 2nd. This is in retaliation for Italy’s successful push back in January to ban the sale of missiles to UAE & Saudi Arabia for their involvement in the Yemen war.

Italian parliamentarian Matteo Perego Di Cremnago, who is a member of the parliament’s defense commission said that the pullout from the Al Minhad airbase already started. The base, which is also used by other nations, was used by the Italian Air Force to carry out attacks in Iraq and stopovers by flights to Afghanistan.

The pull-out has already started and while work is underway by Italy to secure a last-minute cancellation of the eviction, I doubt it will succeed.

Mr. Cremnago to Defense News.

The last aircraft flew last Thursday. It is most likely that everything has been collected by now.

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