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Bomb-removal truck explodes in Los Angeles injuring 17 people.

Image Credit: Screenshot from a video uploaded by Pete Demetriou/KNX 1070.

On Wednesday night, a bomb-removal truck with the Los Angeles Police Department exploded when it was on its way to safely dispose of 40 cans of improvised explosive devices. A number of explosives, thousands of home-made fireworks were seized earlier from the man’s house after an anonymous tip.

The man, Arturo Cejas, was arrested for making the illegal fireworks. Police seized between 3000 to 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks from his house. They also found 40 explosive devices, along with 200 similarly made smaller devices.

The bomb-removal truck was removing 40 “Coca-Cola can-sized” improvised explosive devices when all of a sudden at 6.40pm, it exploded injuring 17 people, including 10 law enforcement. Luckily, no-one was seriously injured, but what is interesting is that the truck is supposely made to withstand such explosions. The explosion which was caught on a video footage created havoc, destroying buildings’ windows and flipping cars.

During a press conference on Wednesday night, LAPD Chief Michel R. Moore said,

Now this is a semi-truck, multi-ton, commercial-grade transport that within it has an iron chamber that is meant for this, where they house explosive material that can be safely detonated.

LAPD Chief Michel R. Moore.

He added,

This vessel should have been able to safely dispose of that material.

LAPD Chief Michel R. Moore.

LAPD Chief Michel R. Moore said that the bomb truck failed to do its job. It is not yet known what triggered the explosion.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti  said that an investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the explosion.

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  1. Note.. when you see or hear of a truck that is removing explosives, leave the area. Do not hang out to watch the parade. I wonder if that brought to mind that scene from Independence Day?


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