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Huge explosion at a chemical factory in Bang Phli district, Thailand.

Image Credit: Poh Teck Tung Khamrop 51 Foundation via @fm91trafficpro Twitter account๗

Early on Monday morning at 2.50am, a huge explosion destroyed a chemical factory in Bang Phli district of Samut Prakan, Thailand. The company, Ming Dih Chemical Co produced plastic foam and plastic pellets. The explosion and ensuing fire razed the company to the ground. The blast also caused extensive damage to surrounding buildings.

Officials said that a total of 21 people were injured in the explosion. No casualties have been reported so far. The fire was extinguished, only to start again late in the morning. Officials with the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department and Bang Phli district office ordered the immediate evacuation of everyone in a 5km radius.

A total of 30 fireengines were quickly deployed to the scene to combat the fire. There were fears that the fire might spread to nearby warehouses where s huge amount of chemicals were being stored. There were 50 tonnes of chemicals stored in 5-6 warehouses closeby. The fires caused extensive damage to houses in a 1km radius, but did not affect the warehouse storing the chemicals.

The company, which is Taiwanese-based, produces 30,000 tonnes of plastic foam and pillets a year. It distributes its products to domestic markets but also exports to nearby countries.

An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the explosion.

Update: 1 dead.

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