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Brutal heat wave to scorch West US this weekend.

Image Credit: David Crane/The Orange County Register via AP

According to National Weather Service (NWS), this weekend western United States is expected to experience a brutal heat wave which will affect more than 32 million people. An excessive heat warning or heat advisory is already in effect in west US after coming from its hottest June on record. June 2021 is considered to be the hottest June in 127 years.

In cities such as Sacramento and Las Vegas, experts believe that all time record temperature will be registered this weekend. Las Vegas’ all-time high is 117 (47.2°C) Fahrenheit  while Sacramento’s is 115 (46.1°C) Fahrenheit. Temperatures in the notorious Death Valley, California soared to 130 degrees Fahrenheit (54.4°C) on Friday and is expected to also reach very high temperatures this weekend.

The Capital Weather Gang is blaming a heat dome or a ridge of high pressure which found its way over the Four Corners region of the Southwest US.

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