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Peru to extend state of emergency due to a surge in coronavirus.

Image Credit: CNS/Latin America News Agency handout via Reuters/Minsa

The Latin American country of Peru will extend its state of emergency until the end of August to allow the government to curb the spread of infections.

The country is infected mostly by the ‘Lambda’ variant which Peru researchers believe it to be more contagious than the ‘delta variant that is currently dominating in the majority of the European, American and Asian countries.

The Interim President Francisco Sagasti and his government made the decision on Friday which would extend that state of emergency from July 31 to end of August. This would mean that country would remain with restrictions such as nighttime curfew, which they have been following since March 31.

Peru is currently struggling with the current surge of the Lambda variant and it has spread so much that nearly everyone knows someone that got infected according to an Cesar Carcamo, an epidemiologist at Cayetano Heredia University.

Almost all Peruvians know someone who has died from COVID.

Cesar Carcamo

After the recent adjustment of the death toll at the end of June, Peru with a population of 33 million, is now has the highest fatality rate in the world per capita. The country has been trying to inoculate people as fast as possible with large queues seen in the capital, Lima.

The surge is also occuring amid a political deadlock after the country has not decided the official results of last month’s Presidential elections.

Since the pandemic began, Peru recorded 2.07 million infections and 193,000 deaths.

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