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Multiple people shot in Washington DC.

Image Credit: Anna-Lysa Gayle

On Thursday evening at 8.15pm, witnesses in Mexicue, a Mexican restaurant located n the Logan Circle reported seeing a gunman exiting the car and firing around 20 shots toward the restaurant. Two people were shot, and police believes that one of those shot was the intended target. Many people nearby ran for cover when they heard the shots.

A person who happens to work with CNN was at the site of the shooting and said on Twitter:

I was pulling up to the intersection as this happened and watched one gunman shoot at someone multiple times, in the middle of very busy 14th Street.

Kaitlan Collins on Twitter

Police and ambulances arrived to the scene and they confirmed that the two people shot are expected to survive. One was shot in the chest and the other in the arm. Police have not arrested the suspected shooter but it is believed that the shooter was driving a black Honda Civic with DC tags.

More details to follow.

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