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Huge pipeline explosion in Ellsworth county, Kansas.

Image Credit: Keith Haberer.

Emergency crews and firefighters are currently in 23rd and Avenue D, east, northeast of Ellsworth and south of I-70, Kansas, United States, after a huge pipeline explosion. The emergency manager, Keith Haberer said that one of the valves of the pipeline has been shut off, and now they are working on the other valves. Photos taken by the emergency himself showed a ball of fire coming out of the pipeline.

Mark Leoffler from the company Northern Natural Gas said that the line was a nautral gas pipeline and is one of many that run parallel with other pipelines from different parts of Oklahoma and Kansas. The leak is under control and both valves have now been shut. Currently, they are letting the gas to burn off.

The explosion did not spark a wildfire and were no injuries or disruption to the service.

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