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Russia and Uzbekistan conducting joint military drills.

Image Credit: Nakib Murodzoda / TASS

Around 1,500 Russian and Uzbekistan troops are currently in their second day of joint military drills near the Afghan border amid ever increasing fear that the out of control war between Taliban and the government might spill over across other regions.

The joint military exercise started yesterday and will last five days at the Termiz military site in Uzbekistan. Russia also sent troops for a separate trilateral military exercise that will take place in Tajikistan between August 5- 10. It will involve Russian, Tajik and Uzbek forces. Russia is showing its committment in preventing the Afghan war from compromising the security situation in Central Asia. Russia is believed to deploy 420 units of military hardware during the drills and more than 2,500 Russian troops will participate in the military drills.

Tajikistan’s defense ministry said that during the drills around 300 armored vehicles, 25 combat and transport helicopters and an undisclosed number of fighter and bomber jets, as well as artillery, will be used.

The aim of the drills is to effectively test the combat ability of military units in the event of the situation being destabilized on the state border.

Tajikistan’s defense ministry

The security situation continued to deteriorate in Afghanistan as the Taliban continues it push to capture more cities, creating havoc amid US troop withdrawal. Many countries including Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan view Taliban’s gains in Afghanistan as a problem in the region. Last May, the Chinese Embassy in Kabul urged all of its citizens in Afghanistan to leave the country. Russia believes that the Taliban gains as a problem, and that the conflict in Afghanistan might create an exodus of Afghani refugees to central Asian countries possibly destabilizing its southern flank.

Russia will also conduct its first military drills with China since the onset of the pandemix. The drills will be conducted from August 9 to 14. Last Thursday, Russia and China issued a joint statement regarding the coming joint military drill.

The exercise is aimed to consolidate and develop the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination in the new era, deepen the practical cooperation and traditional friendship between the two militaries, and further demonstrate the two sides’ resolve and capability to fight against terrorist forces and jointly safeguard regional peace and security.

China and Russia joint statement.

The China-Russia military drills with be conducted in the northern Chinese Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and will involve around 10,000 troops. Aircraft, artillery and other armored equipment will also be used during the drills.

Delegations led by deputy head of the Taliban, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar went to China on a two-day visit last Wednesday. China asked Taliban to forge a peace process with the Afghan government and is particularly concerned with the terrorist group ties with Uyghur separatist organizations. Earlier in July Taliban delegations also went to Russia on July 7-8th and also Turkmenistan. During the meeting, Russian press said that Taliban promised that Afghanistan would not be a staging ground for attacks in Russia. US complete withdrawl of its troops in Afghanistan has created havoc and new players will be involved in the Middle East as the US increasingly focus on its next big threat, China.


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