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Explosion in Haifa, Israel.

Image Credit: Twitter

Several local sources have reported an explosion at the Bazan Oil Refinery petrochemical complex in Haifa, Israel. The accident occurred on Wednesday evening, and the local source claimed that the Israel’s army radio said that there was a loud explosion coming from the complex. They were also saying that the explosion was apparently caused by a technical defect in the petrochemical facility.

Footage of the accident is circulating in social media showing smoke coming from a part of the facility. This explosion comes hours after local sources also reported a huge fire on an Israeli’s military vessel in Southern Haifa. One soldier was injured in the fire and he was immediately rushed to a hospital in Haifa.

Haifa was the site of a huge explosion months ago when a huge fire struck a natural gas platform off the coast of Haifa during the skirmish between Israel and Hamas. Several sources said that Hamas was firing at natural gas platforms during the fight prompting Israel to deploy several warships to defend them.

An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the explosion in the petrochemical factory and fire on the military vessel.

More details to follow.

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