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Explosion in Gothenburg, Sweden – 25 people in hospital.

Image Credit: Reuters

Around 25 people were rushed to hospital after an explosion in Gothenburg, Sweden early on Tuesday. The explosion set an apartment block on fire. Firefighters quickly rushed to the scene. People were pulled out by the firefighters, while others got out from higher-level apartments using tied sheets to lower themselves down.

The Greater Gothenburg Fire and Rescue Service sent 15 units to the scene. They said that they have not identified a cause yet for the explosion. A local paper reported that at least three of those injured all over 60s, were in critical condition.

We believe something has exploded that is not of natural causes.

Police spokesperson Thomas Fuxborg during a news conference.

Police officers suspect it might be gang-related as in recent years gang crime has increased drastically in the country. Rival gangs tend to use explosives and weapons to settle scores.

More details to follow.

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