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A Russian plane crashes in Tatarstan killing 19 people.

Image Credit: Twitter

According to Russian news sources, a Russian passenger aircraft crashed in the Tatarstan region moments ago killing 19 people and injuring three.

The plane that crashed was a light engine L-410 aircraft, and it is believed that there were 23 people on board. There are reports that they were paratroopers. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, 19 have been reported dead, but the Russian government announved that 7 people were pulled out of the plane alive, so the exact number of dead is still unclear.

The plane which was in use for 34 years was owned by the Menzelinsky flying club. It was used to train paratroopers. The plane seem to have crashed soon after take-off, when it was flying low over trees.

Unfortunately, Russia had a series of plane crashes in recent months. Last September, another plane of the same type that crashed today, went down in Irkutsk, and two months before this, a transport plane crashed near Moscow.

More details to follow.

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