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Dozens of schoolchildren dead after Niger school fire.

Image Credit: Twitter/Ahmadou Atafa

On Monday a local governor released a statement describing the horrifying accident where a fire engulfed a school in Maradi city, Niger, claiming the lives of 26 schoolchildren. The age of the children ranged between five and six.

Right now, we have 26 dead and 13 injured, four of them seriously.

Chaibou Aboubacar, mayor of Maradi city.

Unfortunately, since the country is very poor, the government attempted to fix its shortage of schools by building a number of them from wood and straw, making them a fire hazard. Fires in such schools are a common occurence in the country, but it rarely result in casaulties. The last similiar fatal fire accident was in April 2021 when a school was also engulfed by a blaze, claiming the lives of 20 children in the district of Niamey.

After the Niamey fire, the Niger Teachers’ Union warned the officials about the high risk of fire in Maradi’s school, but they took no action. The Maradi city school has been completely destroyed by the fire.

More details to follow.

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