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Ukraine sent thousands of troops to guard Chernobyl.

Ukrainian border guard patrolling with an Ukrainian police in Chernobyl. Image Credit: NYT

Two months ago, Ukraine sent thousands of troops to guard Chernobyl, the site of the biggest nuclear accident in human history which occurred back in 1986. This move was conducted when they learned that Russia was amassing troops near Belarus’s border with Ukraine. The town which is completely uninhabited and literally a wasteland is still affected by moderate doses of radiation, with some areas emitting high doses of radiation.

The deployment of Ukrainian troops to the Chernobyl exclusion zone has one purpose, to prevent Russian forces from using this path to access Kiev. It is the shortest path to Ukraine’s capital, and is located just 5 miles from Belarus border.

Despite the area being completely unusable due to the accident, Ukraine is still ready to defend the area. Lt. Col. Yuri Shakhraichuk of the Ukrainian border guard said that is their land and therefore must be defended.

 It doesn’t matter if it is contaminated or nobody lives here. It is our territory, our country, and we must defend it.

Lt. Col. Yuri Shakhraichuk of the Ukrainian border guard.

Back in November, the Ukrainian government also sent additional military troops to the area due to the migrant crisis in Belarus which occurred after the Russian troop buildup in Belarus.

More details to follow.

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