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US intelligence reveals that Russian forces have been given the green light to proceed with Ukraine invasion.

Video Credit: Tiktok@alexid31

The United States has claimed that they have new intelligence which reveals that Russian commanders have been given the green light to start the invasion of Ukraine. US officials also claim that Russia has around 75% of its conventional forces ready to strike Ukraine. There are 120 battalion tactical groups, 35 air defense battalions. US intelligence revealed that Russian forces have around 160,000- 190,000 troops, 500 fighter, and fighter-bomber aircraft, and 50 heavy bombers within range of Ukraine.

Over the past 24 hours, there have been 136 ceasefire violations in Eastern Ukraine close to Luhansk and Donetsk. Two Ukrainian soldiers were killed while five others were injured. This comes after Russian-back rebels have increased artillery strikes against Ukrainian positions along the line dividing rebel and government forces.

Some Russian experts are speculating that an invasion might start in the coming hours, but the Ukraine government does not believe that an invasion would start in the next day or two. More movements of Russian forces tanks, infantry fighting vehicles (IFV), and armored personal carriers (APC) were reported close to Ukraine border.

Image Credit: Фото: ИЗВЕСТИЯ/Николай Сиденков

Also, on Sunday, around ten Russian warships have passed through the fairway of the Crimean bridge, believed to be heading for the Azov Sea. Russia’s Aeronautical Information Center issued a NOTAM (a notice to airmen) that the airspace over the Sea of AZOV will be closed starting at midnight between Sunday and Monday.

NOTAM issued for this area in the Sea of Azov. Image Credit: Twitter account TheLookout

There are also reports that Russian fighter jets and fighter-bombers like the Su-34 have been moved closer to Eastern Ukraine near the Azov Sea.

The location of the Russian Su-34 fighter jets. Image Credit: TheLookout.

More details to follow.

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