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A Chinese anti-submarine helicopter entered Taiwan’s air defence zone for the first time.

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The Taiwanese military said that they spotted a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Ka-28 anti-submarine helicopter entering its air defense zone this week for the first time. The helicopter took off from a nearby warship where military exercises were being conducted to test the readiness of the Chinese army against Taiwan.

A total of three PLA aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defense zone last Wednesday – a Y-8 electronic warfare aircraft, Y-8 electronic intelligence aircraft, and a KA-28 anti-submarine warfare helicopter. PLA’s warship from which the helicopters flew off was not detected by Taiwan.

Taiwan has been recently on edge since they believe that China might take advantage of Western countries being distracted by the Ukraine crisis to attack and invade the island. This month, United States approved a huge arms deal, around $100 billion sale of services and equipment to Taiwan’s military, which prompted China to impose sanctions on major US defense giants. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin announced on Monday that they will impose new sanctions on United States defence contractors Raytheon Technologies and Lockheed Martin for the arms sales to Taiwan. This would be the third time that Raytheon and Lockheed Martin have been targeted by sanctions by China.

More details to follow.

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