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USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier positioned in the Adriatic Sea.

USS Harry S. Truman


The United States aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman is currently located in the Adriatic Sea after it was deployed to the Meditteranean Sea to counter the build-up of Russian naval power. The US sent a total of 20 warships to the Mediterranean Sea. The US aircraft carrier was diverted from its Pacific Ocean deployment to the Mediterranean Sea weeks ago due to the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.

The US aircraft will stay in the region for the foreseeable future. It has the assistance of a dozen of US destroyers, one cruiser, and one nuclear-powered submarine. The deployment of the US naval vessels coincided with the steady increase in US troops in Germany, Poland, Romania, Baltic states and the United Kingdom.

USS Harry S. Truman is a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier and currently have up to 60 US aircraft that can be deployed at any time, able to deter Russia from carrying out attacks against NATO countries. US military have a total of 220 military aircraft in Europe, many have been moved to allied countries closest to Russia. There are six F-15s at Amari in Estonia, eight F-16s at Fetesti in Romania and sixteen F-15s in Lask, Poland.

More details to follow.

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