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Chinese military aircraft crashed in South China Sea.


After days of speculation Taiwan’s intelligence confirmed that a Chinese military aircraft crashed in the South China Sea on March 1st. The accident involves a People Liberation Army’s (PLA) Air Force Y-8 anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircraft.

According to open source intelligence reporter Duan Dang China reported a military exercise from March 4 to 15 in an attempt to conceal the search and rescue efforts. Last Wednesday he said that China was still actively searching.

Taiwan’s chief of intelligence also linked the area of China’s military naval drills to the loss of the PLAAF asset. Taiwan’s chief of intelligence, Chen Ming-tong refused to share more details about the accident.

The search and rescue operation is ongoing between Vietnam and the southern Chinese province of Hainan.

The coast guard and research ships were only moving slowly within small areas, suggesting they were on a searching mission. Dozens of other naval ships were also continuously patrolling this area.

Duan Dang

More details to follow.

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