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Kosovo army expected to attack Serbia at midnight – Serbian President Vucic.

Image Credit: trendnewsagency

The Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has announced that they are expecting the Kosovan army to launch an attack on northern part of Serbia at midnight. He said that detachments of the Albanian police have already moved to Yarinya and Brnak.

I think that we have never been in a more difficult and tough situation than today. Why did I say this? The Pristina regime is trying to use the mood in the world by presenting itself as a victim.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic

Hours ago air raid sirens were heard on the border of Serbia and Kosovo. The Serbian army built barricades near the border of Kosovo in preparation for the attack. Roads to Serbia from Kosovo have all been blocked.

Image Credit: Twitter Account AZmilitary1

The Russian Foreign Minister said that the authorities in Pristina intend to introduce ‘discriminatory’ rules against Serbs in Kosovo.

The tensions rose after the Kosovan government i tend to implement new government regulations regarding Serbian-issued license plates and ID documents. As from August 1st, people arriving from Serbia will have their Serbian-issued documents exchanged for new entry-exit identification documents. This would be valid for 3 months. The Kosovan government will also require Serbian issued license plates to Serbians living in Kosovo to be replaced by Kosovan issued ones.

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