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Explosions heard in Kyiv.

Image Credit: Twitter @ FarsNewsAgency

On Monday morning the Russian forces conducted a massive strike all across Ukraine, a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the attack on the Crimean bridge a ‘terrorist attack’ carried out by Ukrainian forces. This also comes days after the appointment of a new Russian commander, General Surovikin.

The result of an attack in central Kyiv damaged Samsung HQ . Image Credit: Twitter Account@ Jimmy Rushton.

Bombardments with cruise missiles are still being heard in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, and according to Ukrainian sources, Zelensky’s office has been targeted and destroyed in the missile strike. Zelensky is most likely safe in his bunker, but no local reports have been issued regarding him.

Image Credit: Ukraine News &:Clash Report

There also have been attacks in Lviv, where there was a partial power outage as a result of the strikes. Attacks were also reported in Dnipro, Ternopil, Kharkiv, and the Poltava region. It has been reported that these missile attacks are being considered the largest since months ago.

The attack on the capital has forced thousands of people to head to the shelter as many people were woken up by the massive blasts across the capital. Kyiv enjoyed relative peace for months before these missile strikes.

According to unconfirmed sources, Russia fired 10 missiles at Mykolaiv, 12 missiles at Zaporizhzhia, and 5 missiles at Kyiv centre. Other missiles have been fired at other locations. There have been reports that troops are amassing along the Belarus border, and that a no-fly zone has been imposed on Belarus. More details to follow.

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