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Passenger plane crashes in a lake in Tanzania.

Image Credit: Twitter Account @ rakidi

A passenger plane crashed in Lake Victoria in Tanzania. The number of casaulties is still unclear, but rescue services are already on the site. The aircraft, an ATR-42, is partially submerged except its tail fin.

There was an accident involving a Precision Air plane which… crashed into water about 100 metres from the airport.

Regional police commander William Mwampaghale told reporters at Bukoba airport.

Sources revealed that the plane was enroute to Bukoba from Dar es Salaam when due to bad weather it crashed into the lake. There were 47 people on board. Rescue services have saved 26 people. A team from airport joined the rescue team.

An investigation team consisting of Precision Air technical staff and TAA (Tanzania Airports Authority) has also departed to join the rescue team on the ground.

Statement by the airline.

This is a developing story.

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