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Covid-19 cases in Africa surpass 275,000.


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The total number of cases in the continent of Africa has just surpassed 275,000. The death toll reached 7,395. South Africa is the worst hit country in the continent, having around 83,900 cases followed by Egypt with 50,400 cases. Nigeria registered around 18,500 cases, Cameroon 10,100 cases and Sudan around 8000 cases.

Most confirmed cases are in the Southern African region with 87,900 cases followed by the north African region with 74,600 cases. West Africa registered 57,300 cases, East Africa 29,300 cases while Central Africa registered 26,200 cases. Most deaths occurred in the North African region with at least 3,100 patients succumbing to the virus, followed by Southern Africa with 1,800 deaths, 1000 in West Africa, 883 in the East and 571 in Central Africa.


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