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Narrow victory for Andrzej Duda

Image Credit: Janek Skarzynski/ Getty Images

The Polish President, Andrzej Duda, won the election by a narrow margin. With around 99.7% of the votes counted, he managed to beat the pro-European liberal, Rafal Trzaskowski. President Duda won with 51.2% of the vote, but Mr. Trzaskowski refused to accept defeat, as he believes the margin is too small to call. Election commission chiefs believe that with around 99% of the votes counted, the result will not change.

The turnout was the highest in the history of any presidential polls in Poland, with a turnout of 68.2%. President Duda said he is accepting victory based on the polls.

‘Thank you to all my fellow Poles who voted for me and cast their votes. I want to thank you with all my heart because this turnout shows how much you care about our country.’

President Duda is backed by the far-right party Law and Justice. The President wanted to protect Polish traditional Catholic values and promised to keep a lower pension age and child allowance. He is mostly criticized for his views on LGBTQ, where he firmly believes it to be an ideology worse than Soviet Union’s communism.

The President was helped by President Donald Trump last month when President Duda was the first foreign leader to visit the white after months of lockdown due to the coronavirus. President Trump announced that he would remove troops from Germany, and send them to Poland.

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