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US naval ship caught fire after an explosion

Image Credit: Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images via AFP

The USS Bonhomme Richard, a World War 2 Essex-class aircraft carrier caught fire injuring 21, including 4 civilians. Most of the injured suffered from smoke inhalation. The explosion took place on Sunday at 8.30 am. According to one person, who spoke on the condition he remains anonymous, the fire started below the waterline of the ship, which makes it more difficult to control.

Before the incident, the ship was undergoing a regular maintenance cycle. Firefighters were seen trying to control the fire onboard the carrier at the naval base of San Diego.The naval operations chief wrote on Twitter, ‘We are grateful for the quick and immediate response of local, base and shipboard firefighters aboard BHR.’

The cause of the explosion is still unknown, but there is no immediate evidence that suspects foul play. Two guided-missile destroyers that were docked next to the ship were moved further away as a precaution.

The aircraft carrier, which was commissioned in 1998, has appeared in Hollywood movies and has participated in several military operations. The name of the ship was given in honor of Benjamin Franklin.

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