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United Arab Emirates reports 470 new cases

Image Credit: EPA-EFE/Jerome Favre

On Monday, UAE authorities reported 470 new cases. This puts the total number of coronavirus cases to 74,454. Two patients succumbed to the virus bring the death toll to 390.

The number of tests carried out was 57,506, bringing the total number of tests done since the pandemic began to 7.6 million. UAE is undergoing an intense campaign by testing a lot of individuals, in an attempt to identify COVID-19 patients early on and isolate them. The number of active cases in the country is now 7,501.

Last Sunday, UAE reported a daily record of recoveries, after 2,443 patients recovered completely. In UAE, two consecutive negative PCR tests are required to be considered negative for the virus and fully recovered. UAE has also approved a ‘National Policy of Vaccinations’, in an attempt to make vaccines widely accessible to the public when they are produced. Currently, UAE has a vaccine in Phase 3 trials, developed by Sinopharm CNBG. The policy also include safeguarding public health during health emergencies and outbreaks.

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