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Russia to withdraw all military instructors from the Central African Republic.

Image Credit: AFP

The United Nations has been informed by Russia that this week they are planning to withdraw all 300 military instructors, and transport helicopters from the Central African Republic. The Russian military instructors were sent to the country back in December 2020 to monitor the Presidential election, which was held on December 27th 2020. Many witnesses and aides claimed that these instructors actually went to the front lines to fight off the rebels. Violence has erupted in the country when the ex-President Francois Bozize’s candidacy was declined for the the December 27 election.

The Russians have informed the UN that they will withdraw the troops and helicopters.

Diplomat on condition of anonymity.

Central African Republic has suffered from an increased violence due to the election which resulted in the displacement of 120,000 people from their homes. Last Friday, a number of combatants clashed with United Nations (UN) peacekeepers, leaving a peacekeeper from Burundi dead. Despite the repeated attempts by the rebels to obstruct the Presidential election, two million citizens still managed to vote successfully. Still, following the election, violence is still rampant. On Friday January 8th, there were 30,000 refugees. In a week this increased to 60,000.

The attacks last Wednesday, in the outskirts of Bangui, has pondered the United Nations whether Russia will still go ahead with the withdrawal of its 300 military instructors, and its three or four transport helicopters. Several UN sources claimed that the coordination of 300 Rwandan soldiers, which were sent in December, UN peacekeepers, and the Russian military instructors were an effective fighting force in holding the rebels back.

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