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Huge explosion at a chemical factory in Iran.

Image Credit: Mehr NewsAgency

According to social media, an explosion took place early on Sunday in Shahin Shahr, near Esfahan, in central Iran. Mehr news agency reported that nine people were injured in the blast.

The reason for the explosion at the Sepahan Nargostar chemical industry is under investigation while nine injured people have been transferred to hospital.

Abbas Abedi, spokesman for the province’s medical emergency center.

On social media, residents said the explosion shook the homes so much so that they initially thought it was an earthquake.

Iran has suffered a number of explosions at several sites around the country, such as in chemical factories, military and in nuclear sites. Last July, there were two explosions at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility. Iran concluded that the explosions at the Natanz nuclear factory were as a result of sabotage by Israeli forces. Just recently, the Natanz nuclear factory was cyberattacked causing a blackout and subsequently damaging thousands of centrifuges, again blamed on Israel.

Israel is believed to been trying to setback Iran’s uranium enrichment to 90% for the production of a nuclear bomb. They have been always critical of the 2015 nuclear deal, citing that Iran never followed what was negotiated. When Donald Trump scarpped the nuclear deal, Iran was freshly sanctioned and started enriching its uranium stockpile. Israel has vowed that it will never let Iran build a nuclear bomb.

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