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Several injured in an explosion in Bengaluru airport.

Image Credit: Twitter

On Monday morning, a sudden explosion occured in a molten plastic paint machine near the underpass of the second terminal of the Kempegowda International Airport, which led to a massive blaze. The airport’s garden terminal called T2 is under construction. The airport is the third biggest airport in India. Police said that six workers were injured in the explosion, but no casualties yet.

Two of the workers, Ajay Kumar and Siraj, are in critical condition after suffering up to 40% burns, while the other 4 workers, Avinash, Goutam, Prashanth, Nagesh, are doing better and are hospitalized at Victoria Hospital.

The workers were painting the zebra crossing and signages leading to the airport terminal using thermoplastic road marking machine. It is believed that release of substantial amounts of paint vapour and mist could have been the cause of the explosion.

Perhaps storage of paint material, overspray could have drift into surrounding areas, mixing with the air and accumulating in enclosed or unventilated areas leading to a blast.


Soon after the explosion the fire spread to the underpass fast and security guards rushed to the site after hearing workers’ cries. Soon afterwards firefighters arrived but it took two hours to extinguish the fire.

More details to follow.

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