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Ebrahim Raeisi wins the Iranian’s Presidential election.

Image Credit: Wana News Agency/Reuters

Ebrahik Raeisi has won the Iranian’s Presidential election, becoming Iran’s 8th President based on preliminary data. Official results won’t be out until Saturday. It is believed that there was a very low turnout, around 37% in the first 12 hours of voting yesterday. Back in 2017 Presidential election there was a 70% voter turnout.

The 60-year old conservative cleric ran against Mohsen Rezaei, a conservative general, and sole reformist candidate Abdolnaser Hemmati. This victory means that the regime hardliners have now complete control over the Iranian’s branches of the State making them most powerful since 2013. Last year, the hardlines managed to win judiciary and the military in an ever growing power for the hardliners.

President Hassan Rouhani’s centrist government term ends in August. The transfer of power to the hardliners could be a threat to stability and peace as it is hifhly unlikely that they will curb their expansive missile programme.

The new President has alot to deal with from USA and its crippling sanctions which has destroyed its economy to the coronavirus pandemic which has crippled the healthcare system.

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