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Multi-storey building partially collapses in Miami; at least one killed.

Image Credit: Screenshot from a picture uploaded by Twitter account OSINTtechnical.

Early on Thursday, a 12-storey building in Surfside at the intersection of 88th Street and Collins Avenue, Miami, partially collapsed. It is believed that the 12-storey Champlain towers contain more than 100 beachfront apartments.

The Miami-Dade Fire Rescue are conducting search and rescue to try to find anyone who might be under the rubble. There are more than 80 Miami-Dade Fire Rescue units, which includes technical rescue teams. There is no information yet regarding any casualties, but police said that there are alot of people under the rubble.

A man who lives in a neighboring building described the horrifying experience.

The building shook and then I looked out the window and you couldn’t see, I thought it was like a storm or something coming in. When the dust cleared, the back two-thirds of the building was gone, it was down to the ground.

Resident living nearby the collapsed building.

An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the building collapse.

Update: 99 people remaining unaccounted for. Three killed.


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