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Vulcan fire burns near Friant Road, California.

Image Credit: Nathalie Granda/Twitter

Firefighters managed to contain 50% of the brush fire overnight. The fire, which was sparked late Sunday afternoon, is located near Friant Road between Willow and Lost Lake in California, as the area saw triple-digit temperatures. The fire spread quickly and burned 145 acres of land, but as of Monday morning around 40% of it was contained.

Due to the flames, Friant Road was closed for a short time, while the firefighters battled the flames. Six aircraft aided the firefighters to prevent the fire from spreading. Due to the thick vegetation in the area, it made it more difficult for firefighters to navigate to extinguish the fire.

According to California Fire Battalion Chief Roger Raines, the current winds are carrying hot embers to the East side of the Friant road endangering homes.

Once it got into the lighter fuels, the rate of spread really picked up. We had a lot of spot fires to deal with and not a lot of resources right away, so we really had to prioritize what we were going to do.

California Fire Battalion Chief Roger Raines

An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the fire.

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