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New York Mayor urges residents to reduce electricity usage to avoid a blackout.

Con Edison crews attempting to restore power in Brooklyn. Image Credit:Ron Lee/NY1.

On Wednesday afternoon, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio urged all residents of New York to reduce their electricity usage urgently to avoid a blackout, amid a heat emergency. New York entered the fourth day of sustained high temperatures and also the third day of a heat advisory. Con Edison has seen sustained high power consumption amid the heatwave, which led to several localized outages.

Our electric system is dealing with real strain right now because of the severity of heat we are experiencing today, after four days in a roll of intense heat. LaGuardia temp 98 degrees has set a record, we have a real challenge on our hands, immediately, immediately reduce the use of electricity in your home or business, this is very serious stuff, we need to assure our electric supply is protected and avoid any disruption.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Residents are being urged to avoid using high-power devices such as washers, dryers and microwaves. It has been suggested that air-conditioning temperature must be set at a high temperature.

Several parts of New York were already reporting power outages amid another day of intense heat. It has been reported that a power outage left Greenpoint, Brooklyn and the area underneath the BQE around Vandervoort Street residents without air-conditioning and traffic lights.

New York Mayor Di Blasio assured New Yorkers that things will be back to normal on Thursday morning as the heatwave is expected to subside, but people must still learn how to reduce electricity consumption to protect againt any power outages.

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