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HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier is traversing the Strait of Malacca enroute to South China Sea.

Image Credit: UK Defense Journal

The Royal Navy’s flagship aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth along with its task force is currently traversing the Strait of Malacca enroute to the South China Sea in a direct challenge to China’s claims. It will eventually end its tour in Japan.

In response to China’s aggressiveness, the UK also said that they will also permanently deploy warships to the region.  According to some leading Chinese experts the threat is more political rather than militarily, and China is able to diffuse the threat. The problem would be if other Western countries like Australia and Canada do the same. In response to the political threat China is facing, the Chinese navy conducted confrontational exercises on Sunday in the South China Sea, featuring multiple types of warships, warplanes, submarines and land-based missiles.

Recently, HMS Queen Elizabeth was hit by a COVID-19 outbreak after a visit in Cyprus, but the situation is under control and infected crewmen have been isolated in the carrier. Upon discovery of the outbreak, the UK immediately said that the tour will still occur.

More details to follow.

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