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HMS Queen Elizabeth hit by a major COVID-19 outbreak.

Image Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

The Royal Navy’s flagship, HMS Queen Elizabeth has been hit by a major COVID-19 outbreak according to several sources. According to BBC, there are around 100 cases. A spokeswoman said that all of the 3,700-strong crew of the carrier strike group have been fully vaccinated and mitigation measures such as social distancing and mask wearing were in place and being followed. The aircraft carrier is believed to have discovered the cases after a visit in Cyprus.

As part of routine testing, a small number of crew from the Carrier Strike Group have tested positive for Covid-19.

HMS Queen Elizabeth Spokeswoman.

UK’s aircraft carrier was recently in the Gulf of Aden with two US aircraft carriers for a joint naval exercise as part of the its 28-week deployment. It has so far covered only a quarter of the 28 weeks of deployment. It left Portsmouth port on May22nd. The carrier strike group is currently entering the Indian Ocean as it plans to travel to Japan later this year. The aircraft carrier will now sail with strict COVID-19 restrictions.

Other ships part of the Carrier strike group have also been affected. More details to follow.


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