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Bus explosion in Pakistan kills several Chinese engineers and Pakistani soldiers.

Image Credit: Daily Pakistan

A bus carrying several Chinese engineers exploded in Northern Pakistan killing 13 people including nine Chinese engineers. There were also Pakistani soldiers on the bus. At least 36 people were injured in the accident.

A senior administrative official said that the bus exploded in Upper Kohistan. It was carrying around 30 Chinese engineers to Dasu Dam site in Upper Kohistan.

The bus is believed to have hit an explosive device. It is not yet known whether the explosive device was planted in the bus or the bus hit an IED. The impact of the explosion caused the bus to crash into a shallow ravine. One is still missing.

China dismissed it being an accident and considered it an attack and demanded Pakistan to investigate, arrest and strictly punish the assailants.

Recently, our workers at a business on a certain project in Pakistan were attacked and have suffered deaths and injuries. We have notified Chinese citizens in Pakistan to avoid venturing outside unless required by work or business and pay especial care to their safety.

Chinese Embassy

Meanwhile the Chinese Foreign Minister Spokesman Zhao Lijian spoke at a news briefing.

We mourn over the Chinese and Pakistani personnel killed in the attack and express sympathies to bereaved families and the wounded. We have demanded the Pakistani side get to the bottom of the incident, arrest and strictly punish the assailants as soon as possible, and earnestly protect the safety of Chinese personnel, institutions and projects in Pakistan.

Chinese Foreign Minister Spokesman Zhao Lijian.


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