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Meteor shower during the night in Oslo, Norway.

The meteorite seconds before exploding in Oslo, Norway. Image Credit: Twitter.

In the early hours of Sunday at around 1am an unusually large meteor passed by Earth and part of it fell on Earth creating spectacular sound and lights as the meteorite exploded in the sky in Oslo, Norway. The sound from the meteorite woke up alot of people that immediately went to the window to see what is happening. Many were afraid that something bad is going on.

The sighting was seen also in Trondheim and luckily there were no reports of any injuries or damage. Late in the morning, experts attempted to search for debris from the meteorite but found nothing. According to Morten Bilet who works with Norwegian Meteor network and witnessed the meteorite exploding, said it may take 10 years to find parts of the meteorite. The meteor was travelling at a speed of around 15-20km per second.

What we had last night was a large rock travelling likely from between Mars and Jupiter, which is our asteroid belt. And when that whizzes in, it creates a rumble, light, and great excitement among us [experts] and maybe some fear among others.

Morten Bilet

It is not uncommon for meteorites to strike Earth. Back in 2013, a similiar event happened when a meteorite exploded in the city of Chelyabinsk creating alot of damage and injured around 1,200 people.

More details to follow.

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