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Tunisia ‘coup’: Prime Minister location unknown, main airport forced to close and soldiers in the streets.

Image Credit: Twitter

The Tunisian Prime Minister Hicham Mechichi’s location is unknown after the President Kais Saied suspended the parliament and dismissed him on Sunday after an emergency meeting. If is believed that he might be held in Carthage palace along with other senior government officials. The President acted in such a manner after thousands of violent protestors erupted in the country due to the dire situation of the economy and government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic killdd 18,000 people in a population of 12 million.

The President Saied said on Sunday that he will assume executive authority while a new prime minister is chosen. The Tunisian Parliament Speaker Rached Ghannouchi accused the President of launching a coup. The President suspended immunity of all parliament members and threatened that anyone who resorts to weapons will be tackled by the armed forces.

I warn any who think of resorting to weapons … and whoever shoots a bullet, the armed forces will respond with bullets,

President Kais Saied

The President said that his actions were in line with the constitution.

Several reports from local sources revealed that there have been forced closure of the airport in the capital and borders in Tunisia. Alot of people are celebrating the President’s decision outside despite the curfew. The army are in the streets. Several tanks have surrounded the parliament building.

Tunisian people celebrating the President’s decision. Image Credit: Twitter.

More details to follow.

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