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Taliban attacking Kabul, Afghanistan- Kabul is in chaos.

Taliban fighters raise their flag in recently captured Kandahar. Image Credit: AFP via Getty Images

The terror group, Taliban are mounting an assault on Kabul from the North, South and West in an attempt to capture the last stronghold of the Afghan National Army and government. Afghani people expressed fear, uncertainty and betrayal as confusion and chaos sets in. Last night there was a power outage affecting the whole city worsening the situation. On Sunday, the Taliban managed to capture Jalalabad, a key eastern city, without a fight as they surround Kabul. The US Airforce today morning conducted several airstrikes in around Kabul killing 35 Taliban soldiers.

The Taliban terror group fought with the Soviet Union back in the 1980s when it was governing the country. It won the war and continued to govern the country. This all changed with the terror attacks on Twin Towers on September 9, 2011, that prompted a US invasion of Afghanistan, ousting the Taliban.

Some Afghan National Army troops were seen fleeing Kabul and crossing the border into Iran and some went to Uzbekistan. The latter announced that it detained 84 Afgan soldiers who crossed their border on Saturday. Kabul airport there is a huge amount of people ready to leave the country. Thousands of American troops are on the ground to make sure to evacuate all US personnel.

Kabul Airport today. Image Credit: Twitter account Yalda Hakim.

The Taliban recently announced that it ordered its fighters to halt attacking Kabul to let all foreign troops and personnel to evacuate Kabul to allow a peaceful transition. They said they will allow ‘safe passage’ for those wanting to leave Kabul. It ordered its fighters to stay in the outskirts of the city, but some still went in. Sporadic gunfire was heard in the city and helicopters were seen flying above the city centre dropping flares.

Negotiations are under way to ensure that the transition process is completed safely and securely, without compromising the lives, property and honour of anyone, and without compromising the lives of Kabulis.

Statement by the Taliban.

The British Ambassador will be airlifted today and a huge number of Afghani people went to the banks to withdraw all their money. Czech Republic also announced a plan to withdraw its Afgan staff from their embassy after earlier taking their diplomats to Kabul International Airport.

The Afghan officials informed AP news that Taliban fighters are in the districts of Kalakan, Qarabagh and Paghman. They recently captured Jalalabad, the last main city, except Kabul which is not under control. The Taliban has more than 24 put of 34 provinces under its control. The speed of their offensive during the withdrawal of US troops and other foreign troops after two decades in the country has shocked everyone. They started mounting huge attacks on Afganistan army and capturing provinces since May 4th. Ever since they continued winning battles and acquiring more weapons and heavy equipment such as tanks and helicopters that were left in military bases that Afghan soldiers abandoned.

The Afghan President President Ashraf Ghani did not resign to allow for an interim government and still believes that the situation is under control.

Apparently, the president is not still ready to step down in order to pave the way for an interim government, a transitional period for Afghanistan that would probably save Kabul from any type of attack.

Omar Samad, a former Afghan ambassador to France and Canada.

More details to follow.


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