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Gas explosion in a sewer in Southern Pakistan destroys a bank and kills several people.

Image Credit: laprensalatina

At around 1.40pm local time Pakistani officials reported a huge explosion in a sewer in Shershah neighbourhood in the port city of Karachi, Southern Pakistan. The blast which is believed to have been caused by a gas leak, kiled twelve people and injured eleven others.

According to police spokesman Sohail Jokhio, gas starting accumulating in the sewage system beneath the HBL bank until something ignited it, causing a blast that destroyed the Shershah branch of HBL bank. The explosion was caught on video footage.

It is not yet known what ignited the gas, but an investigation has been launched to determine the cause. Investigators have told the police official that so far, the explosion could also be the work of terrorists.

More details to follow.

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