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Multiple casualties in an explosion in Cameroon’s capital city.

Image Credit: Twitter account NPO reports

On Sunday morning a huge fire in the capital city, Yaounde claimed the lives of 17 people of different nationalities. The huge fire is believed to have caused an explosion in the popular nightclub Livs. There were eight individuals injured in the explosion.

The fire brigade managed to save 40 people, Based on preliminary investigation the explosion seemed to have occured after an accidental fire in the nightclub spread to a cooking gas store resulting in an explosion. Witnesses said that they heard loud explosions coming from the nighclub as 6 gas canisters exploded.

Rene Emmanuel Sadi, Cameroon’s minister of communication visited the site, and said that the names of the dead and injured and nationalities is still unknown. He said that the death toll may increase. The minister asked for calm and assured all fans, football players and match officials that are currently in Yaounde to participate in Africa Cup of Nations that they are safe. The tournament which attracted thousands if supporters, started on January 9th and is expected to end on February 6th.

More details to follow.

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