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Chinese cargo jets spotted in Europe heading to Serbia.

Image Credit: AP news

Early on Saturday, open source intelligence revealed six People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) Y-20 cargo planes flying en masse to Europe. These huge cargoplanes were in fact spotted later in Turkey flying in very high altitude. Despite the shock of witnessing a huge amount of Chinese cargo planes heading to Europe, it was a scheduled weapons delivery.

China’s Y-20 cargo plane over the Bosphorus Strait. Image Credit: DominicSGYS

Despite the ongoing situation in Ukraine, this is not related in any way. In fact, the six Y-20 cargo planes were carrying HQ-22 surface-to-air missiles to the Serbian military. They have been allowed access to the Turkish airspace and eventually landed in Nikola Tesla International Airport in the capital of Belgrade. Based on open source information the Chinese airforce has a total of 34 of such planes.

China’s Y-20 cargo planes in Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, Serbia. Image Credit: Twitter Account ZOKA.

The missile delivery is related to US warning to Serbia regarding such purchases from the Chinese army back in 2020. Serbia decided to buy the Chinese missiles instead of the Russian S-300 missiles.

More details to follow.

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