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Russia reports a new daily record of coronavirus cases.

Image Credit: EPA-EFE/ Yuri Kochetkov

On Wednesday, Russia reported a new record of coronavirus cases of 19,768 and 389 deaths, also a new record.

Russia hospitals are in the brink of collapse as more people require intensive care, and there is medicine, staff and beds. Recently, in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus, Russia has introduced several measures, which includes a national mask mandate, and the closure of nightclubs and bars after 11pm.

The national coronavirus information center said that around 25% of those newly infected were asymptomatic. Experts also believe that the real death toll is nearly double the current figure.

Recently, Vladimir Putin announced that equipment shortages will result in a delay in the delivery of Sputnik V vaccine. So far, 9,000 people in Moscow have been given both shots of the Sputnik V vaccine, as part of a large-scale trial. The vaccine is delivered in two doses spread 21 days apart.

As of Wednesday, Russia reported 1,693,454 cases and 29,217 deaths since the pandemic began.

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