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Japan reports over 1,000 new cases.

Image Credit: picture-alliance/Kyodo

On Thursday, for the first time since 21st August, Japan reported over 1,000 new coronavirus cases. Amid easing restrictions, and the government encouraging people to travel within the country to help the hard-hit economy, the number of coronavirus cases started to trend upwards.

Some experts believe that this trend could be a result of cold temperatures as Japan enters Winter. Cold temperatures helps the virus to be more transmissible, especially in poorly ventilated indoor environments. While this might be true, easing of restrictions and promoting travel, even within the country, nearly always brought an increase in new coronavirus cases.

Governor of Aichi Hideaki Omura said about the increase in new cases,

Effectively a third wave has arrived.

Governor of Aichi Hideaki Omura

Recently, Japan announced the opening of a novel coronavirus testing facility in their largest airport, Narita International Airport, in an effort to reopen international travel, as most airports were not operating due to a ban on travel. The ban was gradually lifted in September. The Narita International Airport PCR center will help outbound travelers to obtain a coronavirus certificate, when they arrive to their destinations. Apparently, the tests are not free, and are not covered by insurance. The test costs around $444.

As of Thursday, Japan reported over 104,000 cases and 1,800 deaths since the pandemic began.

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