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Russia retreats its forces from Crimea.

Image Credit: Screenshot from a youtube video uploaded by Russian Defense Ministry

Russia started retreating its forces from Crimea, after announcing the end of the military exercises yesterday. The withdrawal of troops eased immediate fears of a Russian incursion into Ukraine, after amassing troops near the border and Crimea a few days back. Russia amassed more than 100,000 troops in Crimea and Eastern Ukrainian border for the snap military exercise.

Military units and formations are currently marching to railway loading stations and airfields, and loading onto landing ships, railway platforms and military transport aircraft.

Russian Defense Ministry.

The Russian Defense Ministry also announced that it will start withdrawing troops close to Eastern Ukraine border. Ukraine Foreign Minister welcomes the decision, but said that it did not change the current situation within Eastern Ukraine between Ukrainian forces and rebels supported by Russia.

If Russia really pulls back from the border with Ukraine the enormous military force it has deployed there, this will already ease tensions. But we need to remember that this step would not put an end neither to the current escalation nor to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia in general.

Ukraine’s FM Dmytro Kuleba.

Fears of a possible Russian incursion will remain as fighting between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian forces have increased. More than 13,000 people died in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine since it broke out in 2014.

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  1. Don’t forget the Russian forces stayed in Russia where they are free to move wherever and in however fashion they please. And Crimea is the home of Russia’s Black Sea navy forces, they’re leasing the harbors and military installations from the Ukraine and have every right to be there anyway. So, even after the end of the exercise several thousands troops will stay there permanently … like they always did.

    Crimea woudn’t be the free, democratic and happy place it is today, if the Russian troops hadn’t supported the Crimean vote. Let’s not forget Crimea’s population consists to 88% of Russians.They wanted to get out of the fascist poorhouse and join the union. We all should support their struggle!


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