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China establishes its own UFO task force.

Image Credit: Reuters

China has established a new unidentified flying objects (UFO) task force in an effort to determine the rapidly increasing unidentified objects roaming Chinese skies. China will identify and analzye UFOs using artificial intelligence. This comes at a time when Pentagon will soon release its reports of UFOs this month.

China has seen an increase in the amount of UFO sightings in recent years, prompting the People Liberation Army (PLA) to come up with a plan to identify and analyze what they call ‘unidentified air conditions’, a term which is similiar to what is used by the US military’s ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’. For the general public around the world, it is referred as unidentified flying object.

While most people associate UFOs with aliens, in most cases they are related to amateur aviation enthusiasts, natural phenomena or an incursion by drones with advanced interference technology. This does not mean they have an explanation for all the cases.

The only official confirmed unexplained case of a UFO sighting in China is the case of 1998 in Hebei when a circular object suddenly appeared in an airbase and shot two light beams. The object was described as a ‘short-legged mushroom’. The PLA sent two fighter jets to intercept it, but it suddenly shot up the sky to an altitude of 20,000 feet in a manner of seconds, dissappearing completely from radar.

Back in 2019, Wuhan-based researcher Chen Li from the Air Force Warly Warning Academy said that human analysts have been completely overwhelmed by the rapdily increased sightings.

The frequent occurrence of unidentified air conditions in recent years … brings severe challenges to air defence security of our country.

Chen Li at a conference of senior information technology scientists held in Beijing back in 2019.

The use of AI to track the UFOs will give the PLA the ability to analyze loads of information using a three-tiered reporting system to determine which ones are best to keep tracking such as UFOs which are caused by a foreign country military rather than by amateur aviation enthusiasts. The AI, if not able to identify the UFO, it will list it as ‘other reasons’.

Most likely the UFOs are caused by military spying using advanced drones. Such incidents are classified for defence reasons, but also to avoid the embarrassment that an intruding plane or drone with advanced technology made it through their skies and managed to escape.

More details to follow.

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