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A huge explosion in an Iranian Steel Mill.

Image Credit: Screenshot from a video uploaded on Twitter.

On Saturday evening in Zarand, Kerman Province, Iran, a steel mill suffered a fire which led to an explosion in a third such incident in less than a week. Just three days ago, an explosion that led to a fire in another refinery was reported in Tehran which took 20 hours to be extinguished.

Luckily, there were no reports of loss of life but several were injured. Local reports have revealed that the explosion was so strong that people in the villages and surrounding areas were jolted. The reports also revealed that the explosion was predicted hours earlier before it happened, and that the personnel were evacuated before. This has not been verified yet.

A number of explosions have hit Iran in recent years, with the number of accidents increasing significantly in the last month . Less than a week ago, the largest navy ship in Iranian inventory, Kharg, sank, fueling speculation that Israel may be behind all these explosions.

More details to follow.

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